Restorative Work

Keep your own teeth

We here at Hythe Dental Care believe that it is important to try keep your own teeth for as long as possible. We provide a full range of general dental treatments to restore and maintain your teeth


To include all anterior and posterior teeth. We use the most appropriate and up to date materials

Root Treatments

When the nerve of the tooth becomes compromised, infection can occur. The removal of the affected nerve and filling of the canal space is known as root canal treatment. We are able to provide this service for patients using a rotary endodontic system which has a proven track record.


When too much of the tooth has been destroyed and a normal filling is not strong enough, we can do an inlay/onlay. It is a complete filling made by the dental technician in the laboratory. It can be made in gold or porcelain.


They provide added strength by complete coverage of the remaining tooth material. Modern advancements allow us to do conventional porcelain bonded to metal crowns as well as complete porcelain crowns.


When a tooth is missing, it is sometimes possible to place crowns on the adjoining teeth and join them with a false crown. This is termed a bridge. It is not removable and helps to restore occlusion. We do both conventional bridges and adhesive ones.


Unfortunately, sometimes it is not possible to save teeth and they must be removed. Dentures can be made to replace these missing teeth. We construct both full and partial dentures and use the most appropriate material ranging from plastic to flexible and also metal based.


Dental implants can help to replace missing teeth. From one missing tooth to an entire jaw can be replaced. Working in close collaboration with a consultant surgeon and restorative laboratory, we are able to do the restorative work necessary on dental implants.