Cosmetic Dentistry

Due to the increased awareness of appearance to people’s teeth and smiles, cosmetic dentistry is ever more popular. This ranges from basic teeth whitening to complete smile makeovers. We here at Hythe Dental Care are able to work with our highly skilled technicians to provide these services for our patients.

Tooth Whitening

We use a tried and tested system called Evolution by Enlighten smiles. This involves preparation of the teeth at home by the patient wearing custom made mouth guards containing a whitening solution. This is followed by a surgery visit where further gels are applied under the supervision of our dentists. We also offer home whitening kits from Pola and Phillips for those patients who need less treatment

White fillings

Sometimes the desired improvement can be achieved just by replacing old or stained fillings


Similar to a porcelain fingernail which is then cemented onto the front surface of the tooth to achieve the desired shape and colour.


The advancement of modern ceramics allows us to construct natural appearing crowns to both restore and alter the appearance of teeth.

Why settle for this…

…when you can have this!